Posted by: DCox | June 30, 2008

The Lazarus Life – intro

The Lazarus Life by Stephen W. Smith, 2008, published by David C. Cook

Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter that introduces the reader to some of the issues addressed in the book…

As we enter the story of Lazarus, “we’ll see Lazarus getting weaker and more desperate for healing, asking us to evaluate our own spiritual condition. When all the efforts of friends and relatives fail to persuade Jesus to show up and fix the situation, we’ll be invited to explore the hidden resentments held in our own hearts about a Jesus who doesn’t always show up on time – and about our own community of well-intentioned family and friends who often fail us.  When Lazarus dies and is placed in a tomb, an invitation will surface to peer into the dark places in our own lives, the dark places that keep us buried when we long for new life.  When Lazarus hears a voice not just any voice, but the voice of Jesus – we, too, can learn how to listen for the same voice today when it calls us to move forward.  As Lazarus gets “unraveled” from his situation, we can become unstuck from our own even it it’s a messy process.  When Lazarus emerges from the tomb trapped in graveclothes, we’ll examine the “graveclothes” of our lives – such as self-rejection, fear, sin, guilt, blame and shame, and disappointment – that hold us back from renewed spiritual vigor.  And when Lazarus steps into his new, resurrected life, we will see a hint of the life that Jesus invites us to today – the dangerous, rewarding, radical, powerful life of transformation.”


I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts with you as I delve further into this book.  Read the story of Lazarus (John 11:1-45) – Are you a Lazarus? … Do you find yourself encased in “graveclothes” from which you desire freedom and abundant life? 


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