Posted by: DCox | July 13, 2008

Christianity isn’t about Morality

I listened to a compelling audio file by John Eldridge (Ransomed Heart ministry) today.  He was talking about God’s desire to bring wholeness to the broken hearted — again referring to Isaiah 61 as a seminal text.  His take is that this is the core of the gospel; it isn’t about morality.  Jesus desires to release the captive from the bondage of wounds and brokenness.  As the captive is freed, morality is an outcome — the liberated desire to live lives that honor God and His design for humanity. 


I’m attracted to this thinking.  Christianity isn’t about sin management (read Dallas Willard’s works for more on this); instead it’s about the liberation and freedom Jesus brings so that we become all that God designed us to be. This takes the work out of Christianity.  I don’t need to strive to look or behave in ways that are deemed acceptable.  My “right” living is a response of my love for God and gratitude for restoration.


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