Posted by: DCox | September 11, 2008

Jesus among Cambodians

While working with FH-Cambodia staff in late August, I had the privilege of hearing some of their stories of courage and survival.  These stories were shared as we asked questions about life during the bloody reign of the Khmer Rouge (last quarter of the 20th century).  The people of Cambodia experienced autocracies, social upheaval, and some became refugees outside the country – separated from other family members for years. 


I experienced these people as a gracious, polite people. They have been recipients of relief during the last couple of decades – yet like all people have hopes for their children and the future. Working with FH staff, I observed Cambodians that have come to experience some of the fullness of life that Christ brings. What they have experienced they are sharing with others; they are assisting communities to solve some of the problems of the poor and broken. It’s a joy to be part of a work that brings people into the life that God intended for them.

Vegetable seller

Vegetable seller



  1. Cambodia! so was that your last trip there or do you get to go back some time?


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