Posted by: DCox | November 9, 2008

What’s Pro Life?

I read an editorial in Relevant Magazine yesterday that essentially asked this question.  It wasn’t meant to be flippant.  The intent was to expand our thinking on what is “pro life”.  It goes beyond the protection of life — it includes all life giving activities.

In John Blase’s blog, John talks about playing with his children as being pro life.  Certainly this is true.

Is pro-life synonymous with whole-life?  In my work with Discipling for Development, we talked about whole-life discipleship.  That is, empowering others to address all the issues of life whether they be physical, social or spiritual. 

While we may not all be involved in the pro-life movement, we can all be involved in whole-life activities.  It’s easy to make this about writing a check, say to the local food bank.  It’s harder to make this more personal by investing time and emotional resources.  I’ve been thinking about volunteering at a center for the homeless again, but find inertia more weighty that good intentions.


  1. There is a movement within Christian circles called the seamless garment of life. From Womb to tomb that we respect all life. This includes anti-abortion, euthanasia, captial punishment, anti-war, anti-violence, anti-hate. how can we be for life in one area and not for life in other areas? Do we have the right to choose who lives and dies? As we look at our lifestyles, does our lifestyle encourage anti-life in other areas of the world. Plantations, sweat-shops, deforestation? They are good things to pray and think about.

  2. The term pro-life is most prominently used as a political statement against abortion. It is dangerous to relegate the term to all areas of life when it is currently being used as a powerful tool against those who favor abortion. If we want to be more holistically pro-life we should take pregnant women into our homes, help them place for adoption or raise their child, lobby our congressmen, give money and volunteer at pregnancy care centers. The point is that it’s important to take action. We can’t just emphatically announce all of our ideals about life. We have to do something. So get out there and use the term “pro-life” to fight abortion.

  3. Not only abortion, but all areas of life. Action in one particular area at the exclusion of other areas of life becomes a hypocrisy. All life is important. A life review, that looks at how I am supporting life in all of my actions. Do I support sweat-shops? Human Trafficking? Do I respect and help create a world that respects the disabeled, poor, old, imprisoned, widowed, oppressed? I meet with a group of men that says the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each of our meetings. We add a phrase to the end of the pledge, “born and unborn”. I know it helps me keep things in perspective.


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