Posted by: DCox | November 14, 2008

Sons remind us what it means to be a Father

climberMy son, Jesse, was injured while climbing on Pilot Mtn. in North Carolina this week. He fell about 40 feet and and had to have his elbow reconstructed and he sustained has some additional injuries. How did I feel about all that was happening to my son?

I’m grieving for my son; for the pain he is experiencing, for the injuries that potentially may impair full function, and for the related changes that aren’t of his choosing. As his father, I wish it wouldn’t have happended or that the accident would have happened to me.

I think this is a small glimpse of how the Father (God) feels about us. We are wounded and He would like to take us in His arms and love on us. Yet, He also allows us to experience the brokenness of this world, the fragility of life, and the hope that comes as we draw near to Him. He also allows us as children to crawl off his lap as we become distracted by so many things around us.  The Father longs for us, yet is gracious to wait for us.


  1. Darrell,

    I had gotten the message from Scott Purser while we were in Lagos concerning Jesse. My heart ached for him and your family as I prayed for his life and those around him. A wave of emotion swept over me again as I knew another father was beginning a journey were he could not fix nor control the pain for his child, regardless the age.

    The last paragraph you wrote is very true. The experiences and lessons of sorrow are at times like eating glass, we would never choose them. My prayer is the balm of hope in Christ would annoint Jesse, his family, you and Carrie such that in God’s time your sorrow would turn to a sweetness in Him. In the depth of our valley we wonder if this truely can ever happen. I wondered this, but I know now that it is true. Know that Louise and I will continue to lift Jesse and all of your family up in prayer.

    From your brother in Christ,

  2. My perspective on God is definitely different since I have become a father. To love and not control is probably one of the hardest lessons I am continually learning. As a young father I thought I was in control of my child’s actions. As he has grown, I found that I never actually was in control, and that control is an area of my life thatis not very healthy, and that I need to learn to let go. When your child is injured, like Jesse, it becomes even harder to let go. My prayers go out to everyone in the family.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you today and with Jesse for healing from the injury. As a mother I certainly relate to how difficult it is to see your child (or children) suffer for any reason. I’m even worse now with the grandchildren…it is heartbreaking for me to hear them cry with pain whether that be physical pain or emotional hurts. Being a parent for me has been an on-going learning as to the level of how God loves us unconditionally…it’s unfathomable really and I’m so thankful He IS the model for us to follow.
    Blessings to all of you today.

  4. We are praying for all your guys! May God be your rest.
    Joe and Cara


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