Posted by: DCox | November 27, 2008

Putting a Face on Hunger at Thanksgiving

Did the local news show you pictures of the poor and homeless being served a Thanksgiving meal today?  How did you feel as you watched these news clips or read that article? 

Hunger Isn’t History is the title of a recent article in Christianity Today.  As the article points out the world produces more food than ever — in fact food production per capita was at an all time high last year.  So why do hundreds of millions of people in the world still not have enough to eat?  [read the linked article; it provides some answers to this question.]

What can we do about hunger? 

At the macro level… Encourage your Congressman/Senator to support reform of the foreign assistance in the U.S.  As a country, we need to do a better job of delivering aid while not undermining the economies of other nations. 

dorothy-day-center-photoAt a micro level… support hunger outreach efforts that serve the poor in the U.S. or abroad.  Or better yet put a face to hunger.  I worked at a facility in St. Paul MN for three years that provides emergency services to the homeless and those in generational poverty.  I learned that everyone has a different story, different personality, different aspirations.  However, that makes them just like the rest of us.  Human.  Some were a joy to be around; others, less so.  Yet entiring that building on a daily basis made it possible for me to think of each person as an individual and not “the poor”. 

“When you are with the poor and helping them, God is there.  That is a beautiful place to be.  Mother Teresa taught me my first lesson.  She said, ‘Do the thing in front of you.’ ” — Tony Hall author of Changing the Face of Hunger 


  1. Thanks Darrell – keep these posts coming. This is interesting stuff. It’s strange to think about all the food in the world and not see very much of it here in West Africa. I talk to a guy the other day who told me that the US government is paying farmers not to farm wheat in Idaho because they grow too much and the prices will fall. If we could find a way to farm like that here. . .


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