Posted by: DCox | January 9, 2009

e-Storying … part 2

rss-feed-symbol1So why do I blog?

Well, I too would like to encourage dialogue, but not for the purpose of deriving significance or meaning from the accolades of others.

My wife, Carrie, just asked me if I’m writing another blog. I laughed and said, “yes”. Her question reminded me that I enjoy writing and that’s it’s a creative outlet for me. And in much the same way journaling promotes self-reflection, so does blogging. This is the primary reason I blog – it’s an avenue for me to reflect on things I’ve read, on things that are currently happening, on things that are of ultimate importance.

I don’t need an audience, but must admit that I do enjoy dialogue – even dialogue with others having alternative viewpoints (even when I am right!).


  1. Hey Darrell, Cara here. Joe and I were just commenting on what a good writer you are. You are quite talented at communicating idea’s in an articulate manner. It’s a good thing I am just now discovering this, or I would have roped you in while I was at M:MM doing communication stuff. We enjoy reading what you write. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks much Cara.


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