Posted by: DCox | January 10, 2009

“Stand by Me” (Playing for Change Channel on YouTube)

Enjoyed this collaboration of musicians from around the world … give it a look/listen
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  1. Wow! Louise and I listened twice. When I saw the different shots around the world I thought of my first trip to Yola with you. Louise and I leave the 23rd for Abuja and then Yola. Thanks for your teaching/coaching on that first trip Darrell, I learned much from you. This will be trip 6 and I thank you for getting me started on the right path.

    How is your son doing? I think of him often, especially since our Justin has taken up rock/ice climbing.

    Appreciate your writing. Give my best to Carrie.


  2. Very cool! How do we get them to come out here. Joe will play guitar, I’ll be on harmonica, and Lucy can sing. It’ll have to be a blues song though, cause Lucy only sings the blues.


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