Posted by: DCox | March 16, 2009

Released back into…

releasedThere are movements within the Western Church that recognize the need to reunite the heart and the mind in a spirituality that has both historic integrity and understands the felt needs of the post-modern man and woman.

Here’s some that intrigue me and I’d like to learn more about:

  • Elements in the church that are gravitating toward orthodoxy, and others to something they describe as the missional church or the emergent church.
  • Talk of the heart, its deepest desires, and its goodness. [Ransomed Heart ministries]
  • Trinitarian theology, not new at all, but gaining a growing audience through a bestseller, The Shack, and less popular theological tomes written by the Torrance brothers.
  • There are individuals and groups that are thinking about the interconnectedness between the soul, faith, spirituality and the keeping of the earth. Some of this material is about stewardship, while some of it speaks to the health of man as being deeply interrelated with the health of creation.
  • Engaging social issues like HIV, malaria, poverty, and the millennium development goals


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