Posted by: DCox | March 17, 2009

What’s the Downturn Mean to Those Already Living in Poverty?

poverty_topRead the linked Economist article, Aid in the downturn: In need of more

The downturn probably means fewer and reduced donations by individuals to charitable organizations. As Americans, we’re cutting back on many purchases and this is likely impacting our giving too. However, Bread for the World, sent out an update yesterday that indicates our government is picking up some of the slack — both domestically and internationally. Whatever you think of congressional appropriations, this is needed…

  • A week ago, President Obama signed the FY 2009 appropriations bill. This spending bill provides a $740 million increase in funding for international poverty-focused development assistance. That means more kids in schools; more medicines to treat malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS; more community clinics and health care workers; and more help for struggling farmers in the world’s poorest countries.
  • Last month, Congress passed the economic recovery package – with nearly half of the stimulus targeted to low-income Americans.
  • Last year, Congress passed the farm bill with an additional $10 billion for food stamps (now called SNAP) to help families struggling to put food on the table during this economic crisis.
  • Also last year, Congress approved an additional $1.9 billion in emergency food assistance and agricultural investments to help people in poor countries cope with rising food and fuel prices.

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