Posted by: DCox | May 24, 2009

The 21st Century’s Bleak Harvest [Al Jazeera English edition]

The linked article is worth the read – it discusses the vulneribility, especially in developing countries, of millions of individual to rising food prices. We tend to think that our sufferring during this economic turndown is life changing – what if it was life terminating instead, as it can be for people that already live on the edge?

From Al Jazeera 5/23/09
food prices

The international market for agricultural commodities, the nature of industrial agriculture, changing consumption patterns and international finance all threaten to make food price volatility and food insecurity a recurrent feature of the early 21st century.

Agriculture offers a textbook case of international market distortion. And in this case, the market distortion is created by precisely the developed countries that extol the virtues of free markets.


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