Posted by: DCox | June 8, 2009

Jesus as Creator

In the deistic West, however, if we ever think of Christ as the Creator (and I wonder how many of you have actually heard a sermon on Christ as the Creator) we think of Jesus as the ‘source’ of our existence, but not as the one who ‘constantly sustains’ us. – From Baxter Kruger’s blog 3/20/09

energizer bunnyI like the picture Baxter paints of the Eveready Energizer Bunny later in his blog. Mankind is the Energizer Bunny, created by God with the appropriate Eveready battery pack, and then let go to run on our own with no future input from the Creator. Isn’t that how we look at life? What if, instead, our existence in this moment, and this moment, and the next moment was completely dependent on Jesus. Without Jesus sustaining us right now, we wouldn’t exist.

There’s a multitude of implications to this thought (this reality). If Jesus is making our existence possible this very moment, then we all are recipients of his grace – regardless of our disposition toward him. Not only is mankind sustained by Jesus, but all of creation is. All things were created by Jesus and all things have been reconciled to Jesus through his death and resurrection. Following this string of thought… What is our appropriate response to Jesus as Creator and Sustainer? What’s our appropriate relationship with Creation?

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  1. There is a difficulty in Christian Theology with Jesus as creator. jesus was present at creation, but the creator’s personage in the trinity is not usurped by Jesus. Yahweh, Elohim, Master of the Universe. We stretch things when we forget the true meaning of the trinity and it’s importance in our belief. Often the person of the trinity that is much forgotten is the Holy Spirit, once again present at creation, but not the creator. May the blessingf of Almight God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit be upon us all.


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