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World Refugee Day – June 20, 2009

Yeah, I missed commemorating World Refugee Day – it was yesterday. It’s still worth noting some of the realities of human displacement and suffering. Here’s part of an article from the UNHCR website dated June 16, 2009:

UNHCR’s annual “2008 Global Trends” report shows the number of people forcibly uprooted by conflict and persecution worldwide stood at 42 million at the end of last year amid a sharp slowdown in repatriation and more prolonged conflicts resulting in protracted displacement. The total includes 16 million refugees and asylum seekers and 26 million people uprooted within their own countries.

While highlighting the pressing need for greater funding of humanitarian organizations by wealthy nations, Guterres also cited the demands being placed on countries which are hosting large refugee populations, most of which are in the developing world.

“The overwhelming burden of displacement is borne by developing countries,” said Guterres. “Eighty percent of refugees are in the developing world. Generosity and wealth are not proportional to each other.”

Although the overall total of 42 million uprooted people at year’s end represents a drop of about 700,000 over the previous year, new displacement in 2009 – not reflected in the annual report – has already more than offset the decline.

UNHCRThe amounts needed to rescue people are less than what is needed to rescue banks.– High Commissioner António Gutteres

That’s a telling quote!


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