Posted by: DCox | February 15, 2010

Leadership Lessons

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. The embedded YouTube video stimulated me to get back onboard.

Here’s Leadership Lessons from the Dancing Guy…


  1. Ha ha! I love that. Darrell if you start dancing, I’m joining in.

  2. Hi Darrell,

    This has been bouncing around in my head. First of all love the video. But take a moment and think about Christianity… Ok, ready. John the Baptist was really the one lone nut, (in the wilderness). We don’t really know who the first follower is, it isn’t Jesus, Jesus comes in the early waves, before everybody comes, but not the third follower either. Jesus ministry starts by folowing, Jesus is one of John’s disciples in the beginning, (I hope I don’t get strung up for heresy, I am following the metaphor, maybe a bit more than that.) John baptizes Jesus, the Creator blesses Jesus, Jesus, like John, goes into the wilderness, upon his return from following John’s way into the wilderness, Jesus officially begins his ministry, which is different than the lone nut, it has a bit more balance to it, it is a bit more palatible, it is grounded in the tradition of Judaism (even though his tradition thought about stoning him in the beginning as well, lone nut kind of thing) I don’t know just a further thought about leadership, about discipleship, about life.

  3. Shawn, I really like the connection with John the Baptist… he was one crazy dude out in the wilderness eating locus and honey.


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