Posted by: DCox | February 16, 2010

One Story – Two Story-lines

I recently heard/read three different versions of the story of God and man – all from Christian perspectives. I’ve been thinking about two of them during much of my waking hours recently; even if only subconsciously.

The first story is the story of a Son coming to earth to die a horrendous death so that other men (women) can be forgiven their sin and then become citizens of the kingdom of God.

The second story is the story of a Bridegroom pursing his bride. The bride is his dearly beloved from before time. The pursuit takes place across time with the Bridegroom desiring to lavish his love on his bride, yet waiting until the time is right for consummation.

The first story is inspiring and in fact we can envision the Son as a true hero saving others. The story allows us to contemplate the ideas of mercy and grace. But as the Son departs for another place, how do you suppose those that the Son died for feel over time? Do they forget the Son’s willingness to die? Do they attempt to live better lives in an attempt to be worthy of His sacrifice? Do they condemn those that don’t live to the established standards that have become the norm for followers of the Son?

Returning to the second story – Now who doesn’t like a good love story? This strikes the heart of every man, woman, and child. Love that is unconditional. Love that delights in another’s being. Love that pursues the loved one. This is the love of a lover that we all desire. In this person’s arms, we find freedom, fulfillment, joy. We respond in kind, loving freely and ferociously back. Things are right with the world because our place in it is secured. Our being is celebrated.

Again, one Story, told two different ways. Things to be learned from each version. I know that I want and need to hear more about the love story. It needs more press time, because it’s seldom told; we need it to be told time and time again.


  1. not only is the love story not told enough but the first story is often told in such a way that we are convinced we are not really worthy of the love or lovable


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