Posted by: DCox | February 21, 2010

Everybody Knows Your Name

This weekend I sat in a coffee house with my wife reading the paper. I finished before she did, so I took some time to look at my surroundings.

I found the place aesthetically appealing and the marketing colorful and savvy. Yet I was reminded that it’s a shadow of the beauty in nature – there was a three panel black and white photo of snow-capped, rugged mountains. The edges were sharp and there was a fierceness associated with the beauty; everything seemed more real than my present reality. Then I returned by attention to the marketing of cups and coffee and remembered that it’s purpose was to sell the product. Materialism dims the beauty of things; the edges seem dull and less solid.

People watching is another fun thing to do while drinking coffee. I noticed that there were a few small groups of friends chatting, but the majority of the people were alone – alone with a book, or with streaming Internet. Yet I know that one of the reasons I go to the same coffee house on are regular basis is so “everybody will know my name” [Cheers]. I’m looking for community. I found that at a neighborhood Starbucks in Colorado Springs. I knew all the employees and they knew me by name. I also chatted with some of the regulars and became familiar with when groups would frequent the shop. There was a group of “roadies” on Sunday morning. From 7:30 to 9 am on weekdays, I often found a life coach in the shop reading. Yet, I haven’t been able to repeat this experience at other coffee houses – perhaps because I have less time to give to hanging out at one of these establishments. Even at its best, the community was a bit of an illusion. Once again there was dullness in comparison to what I imagine real community looks like.

I suppose for this time we settle for glimmers of what is more solid and real. Yet if we are quiet, we realize there is more than what we surround ourselves with.


  1. Very few want what you want or realize they need it.

  2. very impressed with the depth and verbalization of these thoughts- thanks for sharing


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