Posted by: DCox | April 4, 2010

Homelessness – Minnesota Style

Homeless is a growing problem in Minnesota. Here’s the latest stats, an editorial from the StarTribune, and a friend’s efforts to address this issue.

from Wilder Research







Nick Coleman: An argument on behalf of the homeless
from StarTribune 4/4/10

Although research shows that most of the problem is due to such things as lack of medical care, untreated mental illness and joblessness, it is true that some very bad choices have been made. But not by the poor. By the rich, by the powerful, and by the politicians whose policies, heartless budget-cutting and blind eye to the effects of their decisions have sent the numbers of needy people soaring.

Think Out Loud: Music Fighting Homelessness
Tyler Blanski is working on a CD featuring a variety of local musicians. The proceeds are going towards fighting homeless.  Watch a YouTube video about the project.

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