Posted by: DCox | December 18, 2010

Returning …

I took a hiatus from my blog for several months.

Followers of Christ believe that relationships are highly significant; they are the mileau in which we can learn about grace, forgiveness, and have some of our sharp edges softened. I’ve been thinking about the impact of social media on relationships. I have a social network through facebook which has reduced the number of personal e-mail I write. I have a blog but the trend now is micro-blogs … tweeting.

Having moved so many times, I have few friends in my new locale. I need a place to dialogue, even if it’s only with myself. However, comments are welcome.

I want to think out loud about beauty, grace, freedom, and abundant life. Things I know so little about, but for which I have a deep yearning.


  1. Talking to yourself is not always seen as a good thing by others, but they may be jealous that you are not talking with them. That is what is so nice about the social network, I can have dialogue with more than the person on the corner, I can dialogue with the world. Here is a site for you that might give you some dialogue potential, if you read more than one language, it will help.

    • Thanks for the link. I’ll take a look at it when I have some time to puruse it. It’s refreshing to be taken outside my normal confines.


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